Internal Control Review

We have adopted the Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing issued by the Institute of Internal Auditors and ensure that all assignments are conducted to meet the Standards.

Our Team
Our Certified Internal Auditor (“CIA”) professionals bring practical experience of working in major internal audit functions in Hong Kong and overseas. Using this experience, coupled with the technical and industry knowledge, we have carried out a wide range of assignments to provide solutions for public and private companies, large and small, in Hong Kong and the region.

Internal Audit Outsourcing
An increasing number of companies are recognising the benefits of finding a professional to provide fully outsourced internal audit function. The most important reasons of outsourcing are:
  • - The company is not complex or big enough to recruit a permanent internal audit team
  • - Not enough manpower to carry out internal audit work due to temporary increase of workload
  • - Reduce fixed costs through reducing head count to maintain flexibility of internal audit cost
  • - In-house internal audit team is lacking specialist resources
  • - In-house internal audit team may not independent

Cost Reduction or Efficiency Improvement Reviews
Our CIA specialists have capabilities and skills to assist in enhancing operational efficiency and reducing costs to improve an company's completitiveness.

Policies and Procedures Manuals
A policies and procedures manual should be in place and implemented to ensure sound internal control within a company. Our CIA specialists can assist your company in conducting interviews/workshops with key management to identify the necessary policies and procedures; and in developing policies and procedures manuals to improve the internal control environment within your company.